Bipo Mystery of the Red Panda

Bipo Mystery of the Red Panda 2.5

Bipo needs a job, help him to get jobs in this fun town (See all)

Bipo Mystery of the Red Panda is a fun game where this nice panda will make friends and learn how to work helping different people in their business. Bipo needs to earn some money and you must help him to find the way to work in this town. The main objective of this game is to help this nice panda with different jobs and earn money. Move around the town and meet people to ask them for a job to do, some will help you with clues and you must find the way to solve them. In this town you will find different businesses like cake shop, clothing, fishing and food shop, among others. You will need some money to increase your chances of working. The first thing you need to do is search around the town and find an activity to do. Not all the businesses will help you with a job or information. Be careful, some people will not help you and they will try to sell you some things. Don't lose your money with things that you don't need. In order to play, you will need to use your key board, press arrow keys to move right, left, up and down and press enter to interact with people.

Birgilio Rivera
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